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Gourmet Pizza Bar - Relaunch of traditional flavours.

I decided to do the new box design for my local gourmet pizza bar. I wanted something that connected to my Italian heritage and also to my local area - so a pizza bar is perfect (and also yum)!

This label is to be for their existing range of 4 traditional Italian pizzas which I will put into new boxed packaging when ordered as a take-away. This is going to be a very simple affair (black ribbon look down center of box) with only 2 colours used on top of recycled boxing, with the recycled board also being used as a colour. I am of course going for a hand lettered approach but also with a slight modern feel. Also thinking of maybe doing up four different stamps for the four flavours for something extra as well - but will see how I go. I am also giving their logo a spruce up as well (I know I'm too good to them lol).

The things I would like to get across are: location (near a racecourse), using fresh local produce, quality, and a great place to come to catch up.

Goal of the project: To get more people to eat pizza of course...everyone grab a slice! :)

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Typography inspiration: 

Packaging inspiration:

Have started to do up some initial sketches...I started out with a lot of elements on the label but it was looking too busy so decided to simplify and pull it back to something more stripped back looking.

ok, after a lot of hard slogging and thinking I have finally completed my design.

Here it is!...followed by some mockups :)


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