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Ann Kilzer

I love pattern, type, and printmaking.



Gourmet Getaway

When I think about a picnic I think about a nice date in a quiet, beautiful place, with delicious food. I started focusing on good picnic foods, and searched the web for recommended picnic foods.  I'm also skewing my decisions towards things with interesting shapes and textures. Here are some ideas I found:

  • Wine -- a nice looking bottle would be a good image
  • Cheese, such as brie, and crackers
  • Pasta Salad -- I like the shape of bowtie pasta
  • Tea Sandwiches
  • Small fruits, apple or orange slices
  • the whole placesetting, including flatware, cutting board, plates
  • the wicker basket
  • gingham or other blanket






Here's the idea board I came up with:

Next, I made a collage of photos of lovely picnic spreads:

Here are my initial sketches:

Tonight I made another drawing and colored a previous one:

Now I'm playing with Illustrator. I really like the symbol tools: 

I started vectorizing my drawings tonight. I used the High Fidelity option because I wanted to retain the watercolor quality of the original drawings:

I trimmed any markings over the edge of the shapes. These will be my motifs.

More motifs:

And now to make sure to drive home that picnic theme, here's a basket!

Here's a tossed pattern:

Half drop:

My final step was to add the gingham background.

Here's the final version which I just submitted to the Spoonflower contest.


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