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Josh Scott

Owner/Designer at Gouldscttock Standard Supply Co.



Gouldscttock Standard Supply Co. / Made in Toronto / GLDSTK

Name & Location : Josh B. Scott / Toronto, Canada

Brand Name : Gouldscttock Standard Supply Co.


Mission Statement : Constructing 100% Canadian made products worn and used globally. Infusing the classic techniques of workwear, military, hunting, and sportswear with modern aesthetics and most importantly, quality LOCAL manufacturing.

Logo : 

"GLDSTK" Branded Car : 

About : Gouldscttock (pronounced, GOLD-STOCK, created from merging the founders 2 family names) Standard Supply Company or "GLDSTK" is a lifestyle brand which is designed, cut, sewn and manufactured entirely in Toronto, Canada.  Josh B. Scott (Founder/Designer/Creative Lead) & Carmen Ng (Production Manager) infuse the classic techniques of workwear, military, hunting and sportswear with modern aesthetics using quality fabrics, combined with the finest craftsmanship and most importantly, local manufacturing.  

Process Work : Upon starting the process of launching GLDSTK in early 2011, a few main factors came to mind .  The first was to create a cut-and-sew line that steered away from heavy graphic placement and focused more on creating standout garments and accessories with quality fabrics and construction that were timeless, and could hold up in ones closet for years to come rather than being caught in fast fashion trends or having graphics that may fade in popularity the following season.

The second was to keep all of our production in Canada and to keep it local to us in Toronto if possible, keeping the MADE IN CANADA tag you see on our product, honest & true.  I noticed there was many brands in Canada, the United States and abroad that claim to have their product Made In Canada, Made In USA or whatever country they are from but actually have their products Made in China or Made in Bangledesh, etc. Just staying true to the MADE IN CANADA stamp we put on our labels from day one was really important to us. We have had numerous opportunities to ship our production overseas but at the end of the day that's not what we are about.  GLDSTK will always produce ALL garments and accessories in Canada and to date, the production that we cannot do right in our home studio is done less than a 5 or 10 minute walk from our studio. This gives us the opportunity to oversee the entire process, ensure our factories are operating within proper guidelines with their workers, and at the end of the day stop or fix the process of production if we see any issues arise as they happen.

From the scissors to the streets. EVRYTHNG OR NTHNG. Born in Canada. Made in Toronto.




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