Gouache vacation paintings

Gouache vacation paintings - student project

Hi creative friends, here are the paintings that I've created in class. It's a fun exploration of colorful gouache landscapes in Procreate, and I hope you've enjoyed following me so far.

Your projects can be illustrations with a few elements we learn to paint in class, like this one:
Gouache vacation paintings - image 1 - student project

Of course, you're welcome to dive deep into your own style and create more complex illustration. Here's an example from class:

Gouache vacation paintings - image 2 - student project


And here's my Greek Island vacation:

Gouache vacation paintings - image 3 - student project

As a reminder, I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY & DRAWING CHALLENGE for this class! All who join in have a chance at winning poster size art print of my original artwork.

All you need to join in: 

  • Watch the whole class.
  • Create a travel-inspired project and POST in class.
  • Option to join the IG Drawing Challenge:
  • Tag me @yifatfishman and use #yflandscapes in your drawing so I can find your work.
  • Mention my class Gouache Landscapes in Procreate in the caption of your post.
  • Deadline for the GIVEAWAY is Sep 17 midnight CT.

    Happy creating,