Gouache fun !!

Gouache fun !! - student project

I really enjoyed painting this gouache illustrations shown by Disha Sharma.

I love dhow she has picked up the most simple concepts for this and today it made me understand how it works on paper and the type of brushes to be used, when to add water to gouache etc. 

I mainly loved the tracing tips shared by Disha, i had herd of it but never seen one in real. So that was an new and extra learning for me in this one. Disha you kept saying it might get messy but you did it beautifully and trace it without making much mess. I just loved the out come of my project i did and happy and quiet calm. It hardly took much time i belive i could do this completely by around 1 -1.5 hours,a relaxing time plus an exercise too  at the same time for  beginner like me !!! Keep creating and it was a lovely experience to take your classess :) 

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