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Gouache Yay!

This is my first gouache painting. I've used gouache to support prisma color but today I tried it out as the main color medium with colored pencil support. I love the # 6 round brush! I found I could make very fine lines and cover larger spaces, too. I can point it and pull it and drag it sideways. Romica, you gave good demonstrations and directions. I didn't follow directions precisely but I like today's exploration a lot. My favorite flower is on the lower right. I used only the brush and left it alone pretty soon, stopped messing with it. It feels more free flowing. The others I tried to make look like petals. Less is more. The violet shades don't show as well in this scan as in my sketch book. You're right, the paper makes a difference. Today I wanted to try painting with gouache and water on scratch paper and explore the techniques you taught. I like lifting paint and I like seeing hues blend and making gradients. Tomorrow I will use watercolor paper. Thanks so much for your help! 


2nd TRY.     Today I painted gouache on a dark yellow card stock. I tried to get this soft background effect like the image below that inspired me. I wanted the soft muted blend of colors to use as a background. It didn't work out, I was not patient enough. Maybe I should have started on watercolor paper instead of colored card? Any tips I will appreciate!


I liked the green-yellow I ended up with. Then I explored pushing in big blobs of prisma color, didn't really like that. I do like the little blue flowers, thought about cutting out that part to make a letter paper and discarding the rest. Then I painted over the blobs with 2 hues of yellow. I like how the blobs softened and influenced the overcoating. I kept the blue heart in prismacolor. Below is my finished practice for today.


Day 3  Almost straight from the tube. Yesterday I overpainted this strip of 130 lb watercolor paper I got from a thrift store. The previous owner had painted a page orangish-pink. I painted over a strip to see how gouache would blend or cover it, and got this background hue. I think I had watered down the guache and it picked up some of the underpainting color. Today I used paint almost undiluted and round brushes #4, 2, 1 with some touches of prisma color. It's hard to get a fine line on the textured watercolor paper. Looks like a bookmark or a tiny letter paper to me (print small on the backside).


Here I am getting closer to the reference picture a few posts back. I used a blank card from a gift pack someone gave me. I'm sure the paper is not meant for gouache or watercolor. This is the layers for the foundation. I still have more color to layer on and details. I was working on getting a softer blend between backgound hues by working wet on wet, as Romica advised. I'll put up the finished version, when it's finished. 


And here's my inspiration again, below.



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