Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...)

Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...) - student project

I had lots of trouble with that project. I think it was a mix between my own fault and the materials I used. First my drawing. I used one of my own photos:

Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...) - image 1 - student project

Next I put on the gouache and this is were my troubles started. I used Canson Paper and Royal Longnickel gouache for the very first time. I had reeves before and didn't like them too much so I was looking for a cheap alternative (I had Designer Gouache many many years ago but didn't want to spend the money on it). I had trouble applying it. It looks so easy in the video but when it was all creamy, it felt like a big chunk stuck into my brush if I thinned it out to the point where I could control it, it wasn't creamy anymore and way too thin and overall it seemed very streaky. So I applied several coats to the deers back. I wondered if I needed different paper/paint and/or a stiffer brush. When I have painted in the past with it, I always did it on a large scale never so small and used bristle brushes for large areas. 

My painted deer:

Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...) - image 2 - student project

Somehow I thought I had to just let it dry for 1-2 hours instead of overnight (I switched around the times for the ink and gouache...).

So I applied the ink and as you can see it got mixed into the sky a little bit and it wasn't so pitch black as in the video. Either it wasn't dry enough or I put too much pressure on it. I even applied two coats. But I got to say, I used a german calligraphy ink instead of Indian ink but made sure it was waterproof. As you can see you can look through. I don't know if that is normal...:

Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...) - image 3 - student project

I let this dry overnight and I used warm water on accident, I switched it around as fast as possible and a whole bunch of ink and colors came running off (nothing like in the video) and the paper got damaged at the deer just by rinsing water on it. I'm not going to use this paper again for this project.

Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...) - image 4 - student project

I used the x-acto knife at the ears and around the snout but unfortunately the paper came off too so I didn't do too much with that and I also put in more gouache on the deer, tree and a couple leaves to bring in contrast again. Just by taking off the masking tape the paper came off as well....I just left a small border. This wasn't my best but overall its a very different look. It reminds me about an illustration from an old fairy tale book (maybe the 60's or so). And I really like how the tail area came out.

I have 210 lb german watercolor paper which is pretty smooth, I might try it with this. This paper should be able to take a lot (I also expect hot pressed arches watercolor paper in the mail, I have cold pressed at home but was looking for something smoother to use for this project).

So here is  my end result:

Gouache Resist Technique (I had some trouble...) - image 5 - student project



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