Gouache Heart

Gouache Heart - student project

Gouache Heart - image 1 - student projectGouache Heart - image 2 - student projectGouache Heart - image 3 - student projectGouache Heart - image 4 - student projectSince I’ve never used Gouache paints I was dying to try them out and therefor my reason for choosing this medium for my project.

I decided I wanted to just dive into an image and paint the whole thing as my gouache practice.

I had drawn this heart time ago and color it digitally only. So I thought it would be great for a Gouache paint project.

I love having everything planned out before using paints or even thinking about colors. That said, I really need to work on improvised projects. So for me it all starts with my pencil and sketch book. Once I refine and refine my sketch and see something pleasing is that I transfer that image to my watercolor paper if that’s the case for the final illustration and from there worry about colors…

The colors are always hard for me. It might be that I love all colors in all their different ways…and its so hard to narrow it down to a couple/few, (I’ve been working really hard on that lately)  I want to just throw all of them in :) or that I’m just not “good” at them…. Most of the time is the very last thing that I worry about.

For this project I used Winsor & Newton Gouache and 3 different size brushes, all very small. I like working with smaller brushes. Gives me a sense of control and detail that I’m scare I can’t get with bigger ones. I used cold press 140lb Canson watercolor paper.