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Donna Jeanne Koepp

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Gouache Challenge

Using "Sprialicous" that I developed during the class.

Sometimes, the third time is a charm.....

One of my favorite quotes pasted up.

Some old cheap stuff to use.

I've always wanted to use turquoise on chocolate brown, YUM.

OK, mixed up and ready to go...... I like the Hunt 22 Extra Fine nib.

DANG, first word misspelled...#^^*)*&^%$$$!!

ARE YOU KIDDING? All the way to the end and wrong word......$%^&*!!

No more chocolate paper, but this green is nice......ahhhhhh, MADE IT!!

What I learned:

  • It takes a ton of concentration not to misspell or mess up.
  • My sprially "a" looks like an "o".
  • Using guidlines makes the quote a bit stiff. I should try just writing.
  • Gouache is a very cool writing fluid. I've always wanted to try it.
  • Practice, Patience and Perserverence!!

And one more go at just writing. I see some alignments that can be fixed, but this one was more fun.

Molly, Thank you so much for the challenge. It was very freeing!!

New Illustrated shoes for my sister's birthday.

Thank you Molly and fellow calligraphers for a fun and freeing class.

My version of Molly's letters, "Spiralicious".


A bit of fun for an altered book club I belong to. Ink on Scrap Book Paper.....

A lttle project to try out this lovely hand learned here.... still too spirally?

Trying different sizes and playing with spirals.... too much fun!! Maybe a little too spirally....


I have some training in calligraphy, mostly edged pen. Recently I studied the traditional Copperplate with a pointed pen and love the tool. When I first started this class, I was pretty tight, but I must say that Molly's fun and creative letterforms have me writing along with complete freedom and joy.

At first I felt I needed guidelines, but taking them away was really fun. Splatters, snags, smudges and all that make learning an experience.


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