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Maureen V.




Gouache Challenge - Here's to Silly Mistakes

I decided to write the quote:

"Here's to silly mistakes that turn into creative discoveries." 

Of course, when I first started playing with the letters I left out the word "turn."

I wrote the quote using an oblique holder, a Zebra G nib, and black Artagain paper. I sketched the layout with a white lead pencil, then tried to write over it. However, the ink didn't want to write over the white lead, and the pencil lines didn't erase well on this paper.

I did use the white pencil to mark out and redraw the letters to see if I could get the layout better. It kind of looks like Frankenstein's monster at this point. 

Here's my next attempt.The second "l" in "silly" looked like an "e" to me, and "Here's to" didn't fit in well on top of the quote.

I thought I could fix the second "l" in silly with a small flourish to the left, but that didn't work. The word "mistakes" also looks too condensed compared to "silly" and "creative discoveries".

This is my most recent attempt at the quote. I added straight joins between a few of the letters and I like that look better. However, the "u" in "turn" looks like a "w" to me. Maybe I'll try another attempt later!


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