Gotye Poster

Gotye Poster - student project

Update - 5-26

Here is a minor update with the added detail at the bottom of the triangle and the text.

I'm having a little difficulty finding a texture to match closely with the original (looks like maybe two textures?) and getting part of the texture darker in certain areas. I will keep trying various textures and see if I can find one that is close.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Gotye Poster - image 1 - student project

Update - 5-22

Still need to add the detail at the bottom and the text. Now onto the second set of videos. Hopefully I'll be able to add the texture to define each mountain.

Gotye Poster - image 2 - student project


I am new to Illustrator and my knowledge of it only consists of clicking random buttons to see what they do. I had originally chosen a Ceramics Monthly magazine cover from the 50's which had a very simple design, but after watching the tutorial videos and realizing that Illustrator might be easier than I thought, I decided to go with this Gotye gig poster that has a bit more intrest and challenge.

Excited to learn and see everyone's progress!

Original here:

Gotye Poster - image 3 - student project