Gotta feel leaner and lighter...

Last year, I graduated from university. Being in university for 3 years I've experience a lot of stress, lack of sleep, and not eating properly. Because of that, all those three combination added up to a whole lot of fat gain (about 20-30 lbs in total). So this year I making a commitment to fitness and my goals. I was at 160 lbs, 20% bf before and now I'm at 190 lbs, 34% bf. 

My goal for this year to the next is to be at 155 lbs and 12% bodyfat.

My plans are:

  1. My first plan is to get myself in an attitude of being positive. I've always been a positive person but the last few years of stress, etc has left me complacent with things in my life. So my daily commitment to myself is to look for things that are working instead of what is not. Look for the positive things that  are working for my body.
  2. Do the second strategy for nutrition propose in the video along with calorie tracking. I've done the paleo diet so far it has yielded me of losing 10 lbs, but I think I've abandoned exercise because of it. Now I know what I want to do.
  3. I've started to exercise to sort out which exercise yields the most results by tracking it (used a different app) and track my measurements with a body composition scale and tape. So every other day, starting monday thats when I do my training days. I found out that I have to concentrate on bigger muscle groups is better than isolating. 

So far thats the habit of change  that I've made and definitely I feel more positive towards reaching that state of body and mind.

This year is definitely a year of transformation and so I believe this enough for me to aspire to my fitness goals. After reaching them, I want join crossfit because it sounds fun! :-)


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