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Gothic Bootcamp - Strong Lines Practice

2/8/16 | Tattoo Final

My lines are still pretty wobbly. But it's done?


2/6/16 | Tattoo Expolaration

My Saturday night! I've been working on some tattoo designs, and after SO MANY sheets of paper, I think I've found a happy medium between pinstripe art and the thickness of the pens. I'm excited to finalize this and get it in Photoshop to give it a final clean up. Being symertical is hard!  D-:

My progress goes from left to right. I started with a musical g-clef kind of design, and then tried to make a calligraphy rocket; that didn't work out, so I kind of mirrored it and came up with something I liked.


2/3/16 | Week 2 

As per the Gothic Bootcamp challenge, I'm posting my Pinterest board for the tattoo ideas and my doodles so far. I think I'm going to sleep on the doodles and come back tomorrow - hopefully refreshed and with some new ideas!

I'm basing my tattoo design of off classic car pinstriping. I attended a large car show a few months ago and was completely enamored with the art of pinstriping. But, it turns out it as just as complicated and nuanced as it looks :) So hopefully I can calligraphize it.



1/29/16 | Week 1

So! Hi! I have a few things to show.

Here's Exercise 1 - My first stab is on the left, and the right is about my 4th time going through it:


I would like to practice more at evenly spacing my strokes.

Here is Exercise 2 - Again, first try on the left, and 4th or 5th on the right:


And here is Exercise 3 so far.


So I think my progress is.... ok. My spacing is off and I think I need to work at getting the pen nib to stay at the correct angle. But it's fun, and feedback is welcome!


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