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Gothic Bootcamp Cont.

Project: It's simple, but I think I rather like it that way


Project Beginnings: To be honest, a grand old messy mess. Still working, still playing. 



Exercise 2: A little late than never. I want to practice this some more, but I do feel like I'm getting the idea of the twisting to one side of the nib a little better. 


Exercise 1: This one was fun, I found I was a more go with the flow and less worried about getting everything perfectly perfect and see the shapes that result. I do find that sometimes I'm having trouble keeping the ink flowing when I go up on one edge of the pen (when it was flowing just fine along the broad edge). I'll have to work with water to get a good flow. Also, any tips on when to change the ink cartridge? I want to be economical with it and get it truely empty, but worry about how the ink will continue to flow evenly. 



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