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Gothic BootCamp 2016 Step III + My DIY Light Table

Hello Alice and bootcampers,

here I am with some photos about my latest experiment. 

Since this is a creative period of my life I gave a try to the idea of buying a light table, but the models and prices were discouraging, so.... why not try to make one by myself.

I looked for some example on internet, but not finding something specific I decided to use some of my tools.

This is reeeeally simple and least compared to what I saw on sales.

The structure is a simple base of wood with some border


I added some feet with antislip sponges


I used wood screws, drilling a pilot hole and using a countersink, so that in no way is possible to cut your fingers moving the light table.

For the illumination I choose a led strip, with the lovely option of choosing cool or warm tone or a mix in between, with a simple remote.

Since there were no angled pieces I decided to use a staple gun to displace the strip in this regular but not angular route


I gave the wood a layer of primer paint, glossy light grey, and with the suggestion of a friend who's an electrician, I also used a reflective tape to help dissipate the heat, that could make the leds become yellowish (that's what the technician said to me)

Here is the IR sensor to control the tone and luminosity


Here is the only trick I made on the border, to have the power supply well placed...



This is it !!!

oh by the way, the cover is a simple white trasparent plastic sheet


and this is why I used antslip sponges....


I think I'll give it a kind of protective finish, oil or varnish...

It's light in weight, not really portable (400mmX500mm) but I spent less than a plastic A4 sized model.

Obviously, if you don't have the tools... it's cheap to buy one, but I remember a video on youtube were it was used a plastic cover and iPad with a white screen... so you can work it out the way it's best for you.

Later on I'll post some gothism


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