Gothic BootCamp 2016 Step I | Skillshare Projects

Gothic BootCamp 2016 Step I

Hello Alice and bootcampers,

here is my journey in this calligraphy land of Gothic.

I've started loving calligraphy not a long ago, looking at some videos on internet.

One that made the passion start was from Denis Brown, an irish calligrapher, when he compared calligraphy with swordmanship and , since I practice Yoga and Taichi, the step was easy....calligraphy as a martial art of nibs vs paper !!  

Ink need to be spilled, so here are some of my exercices


Even simple straight line can be challenging when you're not used to it...


not to talk about curves... ehm...


Before buying some good inks I used those provided with the is really bad, bleeding all around and making all the strokes a bit blurry. Next time more care choosing the best ink.


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