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Gothic Boot Camp Part III

Well here we are. This may sound a little defeatist but I have done this a dozen times and am never completely satisfied, so I am walking away, at least for tonight. Obviously years of practice are in my future, but I do think there is a little something in stepping away. I just about had a panic attack when I scanned it and saw a smudge I couldn't see in person - turns out it was on the glass and NOT, thank god, on my card. It's interesting to see my progression through my practice sheets - seeing the letters super spread out and see them inching closer together. This class/bootcamp has been a lot of fun, a challenge, and inspiring. 




And now for something completely different.....Some late night practice at work when it was slow....I will say whiteboard pen is a little harder to work with, but it sure is easy to clean your mistakes!



This is a bit of a dump since I'm a bit behind posting photos of practice, and my practice sheets are a bit all over the place. Less aiming for perfection, and more just trying to get in the ballpark in general. However, I do notice trends of things: my letters like to get wide, and I'm still struggling with making sure things aren't slanted. I do feel like I can feel the process working over all - some days I can't seem to get things working, but sometimes things feel smooth and click into place. 






More practice! A-H

I may have overdone it in one sitting today, I was pretty fatigued by the time I got to my uppercase Hs, truth be told (I tried to make the pictures a little smaller, but when I hit save they're all blown back up to full screen). 






My Os start leaning towards the right as I go across the page here.


Oh My

Definately still working on consistency. I like the make the lower case Os too narrow and the upper case too wide, and things definately like to get wavy. For the lower case I'm finding the second stroke difficult to get the curve I want, though it might be because I'm not setting up for it well with the first stroke. Good thing I enjoy practicing ;-)




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