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Gotham City Travel Poster

I really like this series of comic book city travel posters by Justin Van Genderen.  I especially like the gloomy look of this Gotham City poster.  As a beginner in using Illustrator, I figured this image would be perfect for getting practice in shape building.  I would also like to learn how to give the image that smokey/distressed look.  I would appreciate any feedback.

Update 2:  I added some detail to the spire and to the platform on which Batman stands.  I also added a slight highlight on his shoulders.  I then added a blurred edge around the moon.  I'm not sure if I will keep this, though. I'll see if it fits in with the overall look.  I might have gotten ahead of myself by adding the text, but I'll see what happens.  Next I'll work on the finishing touches.  

Update 1:  Here's what I have so far.  My main focus was building shapes.  I mainly used the rectangle/rounded rectangle/ellipse and pen tools to build the city.  I used the shape builder to make the entire city one shape.  Moving on to the fine details next.

This is my final image.  It doesn't look exactly like the original, but I'm happy with it overall.  I achieved the textured look using the gradient tool and some brushes, then I layed a texture over the whole thing.  I actually finished a few weeks ago, but got caught up in another project.  Thanks for checking it out!


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