Götenborg at night

Götenborg at night - student project

A photo-series of the Swedish town Götenborg at night.

Curious to see the raw versions? Check out:


Photo 1

For this photo I noticed how the corridor created a symmetrical frame, so I waited until my subject was in the middle to take the shot.

Götenborg at night - image 1 - student project

Photo 2

Götenborg at night - image 2 - student project

Photo 3

This photo was taken in a split second. While crossing the road my eyes were drawn to the lines of the track leading up to the headlights of the tram. To express this in the photo I darkened the edges and increased the overall contrast to guide the viewer's attention to the headlights. To make the photo a little more dramatic I also made the shadows of the people in front of the tram stand out a little more.

Götenborg at night - image 3 - student project

Dave Andrew
Visual Storyteller & Motion Designer