Got there in the end - finished piece

I did this piece several times. The first one I wasn't happy with and then the next couple I kept making the same mistake of painting my values directly on top of the cyan background instead of on a new layer.

I also had some trouble with some of the commands as I was using a PC (not mac). Here are the PC keyboard shortcuts (I was using Photoshop CS6):

Fill with background colour: command delete (Mac), ctrl backspace (windows)

Command click on layer (windows = ctrl click) and it needs to be on the little preview image in the layers palette (I didn't realise this at first and was wondering why it wasn't working).

As I worked through the tutorial I found that my image was looking blotchy and undefined (too soft). So I switched to the hard round brush to make some crisper edges and used the soft round brush to blend the colours more for a smoother look. The last thing I did was apply the sharpen filter.

Hope that helps someone,

Happy painting!


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