Gossamer's Pique Nique © Lisa Rivas | Skillshare Projects

Lisa Rivas

Visual Artist - Instagram - @LisaRivas



Gossamer's Pique Nique © Lisa Rivas

Here's my final design of Gossamer's Pique Nique and link to Spoonflower



Now for some serious PiqueNique Plaids, need to go back to Gossamer after this...


Some gingham studies... these are fun!


Really determining colors now and used my StyleSight membership. Love their color picker, since these are real textile colors.




PICNIC - theme ( for Spoonflower challenge due dayte July 2)

1.- Picnic (definition):

  • Pleasure Excursion
  • Meal Outdoors, al Fresco, Plein Air
  • Contribuited meal

2.- Place:

  • at a park, on a big flat rock
  • at the beach, on a wharf, boat on a lake
  • beautiful scenic place, with a view
  • open air theater, music shell

3.- With who?:

  • Family outing
  • Romantic Date (intimate setting)
  • Fun with friends
  • Alone to relax and meditate
  • Social activity, church, fundraiser, celebration

4.- Types of Objects:

  • Picnic Table, folding chairs
  • Blanket or Ground Cover
  • Picnic Basket: plates, napkins, utensiles, corkscrew, wine glasses, plastic ware
  • Portable Grill, Barbecue
  • Musical instrument
  • Some kind of lighting for early evening

5.- Feelings evoked:

  • Refreshing food, sense of air & space
  • Check-pattern, tablecloth
  • Greenery and refreshing food (celery & cucumberes)
  • Blue and white china and clouds
  • Cute and charming containers

6.- Types of Food:

  • Deli Sandwich
  • Cold cuts / Loaf of bread
  • Salads and Fruit
  • Finger food, chips, crackers
  • Chilled drinks, wine & water


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