Gormet Cuisine, Carne Asada Street Tacos

Tacos Asada, here's what you'll learn

  • Type of meats used
  • Prep (my special) asada marinade
  • Prep pico de gallo 
  • Prep fresh salsa verde
  • The trick to tasty tortillas without the unhealthy grease
  • Grill tips and tricks
  • Plating ideas, don't let your tacos get mushy  

I've traveled through the United States, Mexico, and Germany. My love for the taco was strong everywhere I went. Through my travels, I found myself hungry for the real deal "Carne Asada Street Taco".  After years of searching I found the greatest taco secretes out there. I've come up with many recipes throughout the years, but this is one of my favorite. I've worked in kitchens since I was 16 years old, and I worked under Chef Graciano who was a stern man. One morning I came into work hurting bad from the previous nights shenanigans.  Chef Graciano saw that I was dragging, so he led me to the sink where there was a 40lb bag of onions. He tells me to peel all the onions and when I'm done bring him two. Man that was rough, I'm getting tears just writing about it. So I power through the bag in one and a half hours. Head over to Chef and give him the onions, he tells me to stick around and dice the onions, since I finished so fast. At this point I'm getting ready to just quit my career in the kitchen because I feel like I just got maced. I dice the onions and hand the bowl to chef. He mixes in the rest of his ingredients and pulls a couple tortillas off the grill. Fills the tortillas with some meat, sprinkles on the onion mix, a little salsa, and gives it a squirt of lime. "Here mejo, have some tacos and feel better" he says to me. I'm so down to eat it up. That first bite just took me away from the whole cruddy morning. I felt energetic almost. Since then I have made the same inspired taco but with my own flavor profile that everyone enjoys. 

*Before enrolling into this class you should have basic cooking utensils- Sharp knives to cut greens and beef, a grill or grill pan, blender for salsa, square griddle pan, and a stove top


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