Gorillas Classic

Gorillas Classic - student project

Few games can claim to truly spawn an industry. But before Angry Birds, Super Stickman Golf and the litany of addictive swipe-and-fire mobile games, the cult-classic game Gorillas--for the now-defunct QBasic platform--was a popular and easy-to-play hit that many hardcore gamers of yesteryear still recount fondly.

Everything old is new again, right? Thanks to the aforementioned mobile hits breathing new life into the platform, the time is ripe to revive and modernize this classic title, with social features, Game Center integration, challenging friends over wireless Internet and more.

Gorillas Classic - image 1 - student project

(extremely rough game layout sketch--I LOLed at how bad of an artist I am)

Gorillas Classic - image 2 - student project

(slightly less rough game layout sketch/brainstorm. gorillas not drawn to scale.)

Gorillas Classic - image 3 - student project

(tutorial framework. explosive banana? alright then)