Gorgeous raven!

Gorgeous raven! - student project

Hello JaneGorgeous raven! - image 1 - student project thank you for this wonderful lesson, I adore birds including crow family so super enjoyed this :)

I was surprised how fast this gets done! One of the issue I had was to keep the paper clean around the raven, I added little splatters but it doesn’t hide where my hand unfortunately touched the paper and stained it. I am currently doing a second one, on different paper and with liquid watercolour to see the difference, I will post later. Now posting my first attempt, my son loves it and would like it on the wall of his bedroom!

i used Sennelier ink brush Payne’s grey, and for the rest of the colours my Japanese Kuretake pans set in Indigo, Cobalt Violet, Turquoise blue, a bit of Ultramarine and a bit of black.


—— adding my second attempt with liquid watercolours aqua drop schminke, as you can see a lot less depth in colours so will remain with my Japanese set for that technique.

Gorgeous raven! - image 2 - student project 


Beatrice Edney
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