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Gordy's Handyman Services

My dad is our go-to handyman. He tinkers away at our renovations, leaky taps, squeaky hardwood floors. You name it, he's tackled it. But he takes for-ev-er to get anything finished. I decided to design a logo for him and create a fake company called 'Gordy's Handyman Services' with a slogan: Time Won't Be On Your Side.


I wanted to attempt a negative space logo, so I tried to find a way to combine the letter G and a symbol of being a handyman - a hammer.


Clearly the hammer was going to need some reworking so that the G was more recognizeable. I sketched out a new, simpler hammer and scanned it into Illustrator, traced it off and simplified it by removing anchor points to wind up with this:


After I placed it over the circle, I moved it around and tweaked it a bit more so that the final image looked like this:


I wanted to flush it out a bit more to create a full branded logo rather than just the single letter. My dad used to have trucker caps with old company logos on them that he would wear all the time while working on renovations. I designed this in homage to those old, vintage logos.


And that's my negative space logo. :)


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