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GorMonjee - Decision Making Engine for Food Choices

Origin of the Idea

I have been trying to organize my daily routine and food decisions are a major part of that routine. I like food. I like different types of food, and I like to cook, as well as, try new food recipes, sauces etc... I also want to make as much food as I can. I don't want a box and I don't want to reheat my food. That doesn't mean that I won't make batches to freeze and reheat as part of the 'eating' or 'cooking' process. All it means is that a frozen pizza is good but I'd rather make a fresh pizza if I could. I am frustrated at how difficult the above can be. I want to be able to look at a screen, decide broadly the meals I want to consume for a week and I want a grocery list to be generated out of all the ingredients so that I can buy them - would be great if it could be delivered to my home - I want the entire process to take no more than 60 mins. I want this system to be able to handle food that I eat at home and food that I eat outside home too. I have been told that this is too big of an idea, which I accept as a reflection of the fact that I cannot code and do not have money to get someone to make this system for me. I understand that I am a unique individual, however, statistically, there have to be enough of us out there who are willing to subscribe to a service like this for $1 / month to make this a viable business opportunity. My challenge is to find these people.

How people make food decisions

There a range of variables involved in food decision making. I've listed a few that I'm aware of below, in no particular order. In my mind, with the right type of data, a customized decision making engine can accomadate most of them, if not all of them.

  1. Taste + other sensory inputs - I include the 'sensation' of hunger here.
  2. Nutritional Information - Macro and Micronutrients
  3. Ease of consumption or preparation
  4. Effect on the human body for health purposes
  5. Emotional aspects of food consumption - I include cost of food here


I believe humans should eat whatever it is that they want to eat; they simply should be aware of how thier choices impact their bodies.

3rd Jan 2014

User Stories - Round 1 - MVP Core Features Underlined

  1. A User should be able to eat Food without counting calories
  2. A user should be able to create a grocery list of food items that have to be bought for a week
  3. A user should be able to eat anything during the week without having to worry about counting calories or looking at nutrition labels - maybe
  4. A user should be able quickly choose food that he/she likes to eat and then be able to figure out what else to buy or eat to create a balanced meal / day
  5. A user should be able to create his/her own custom meals / snacks / smoothies and understand the quality of food that is being consumed
  6. A user should be able to customize food suggestion based on any dietary preference
  7. A user needs to be able to think and visualize quantity and quality of food and not have to think about numbers
  8. A user should be able to ascertain whats missing from a food or meal in near real time
  9. A user needs to be able to understand the effect of certain food choices on the human body in terms of user preferred KPI's - maybe
  10. A user should be able to input preferred meals and then know which food to eat more and which food to eat less - which combinations are good and which combinations are bad - maybe
  11. A user should be able to track their meal choices and other KPI's over time
  12. A user should be able to share their information with other users
  13. A user should be able to receive recognition for sticking to a preferred eating schdeule (time and content)
  14. A user should be able to customize their nutritional requirements


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