Google Calendar

Google Calendar - student project

I learned a lot in this week's lessons. I have been using Google Calendar for a few months, but it turns out that I've been missing out on a lot of its features. I started my productivity work by organizing my calendar. I have an odd schedule that requires me to bounce around a lot since I have 2 part time jobs in addition to my own business, and one of those jobs I have 4 positions in. So I may be at one job, but I'll be scheduled in different areas, so Google Calendar will allow me to put in where I am at what time. This also tends to confuse my husband a lot (which frustrates me too since he doesn't remember where I am at what time), so being able to share my Work calendar with him will allow him to see what times I'm busy and where I'm at.

I am a visual person, so the ease of Google Calendar's appearance and streamlined look work very well for me. I also like that it has a description of each event at a glance. I used to use Apple's built in calendar, but it only shows dots on each day there is an event, not what is taking place. I have to go to that specific date to see what's going on. I love that it syncs right with my phone so it can be used on my desktop or on the go.

I have added an event for every Sunday for a review. This Sunday, I'm scheduling it for a few hours so I can streamline some of my existing stuff using the methods and tools shown. For example, I haven't gone through my paper or digital files in a while. I plan on digitizing most of my paper documents, sorting through old digital files, and making my to do list for the week.