Goodbye Weight, Hello Healthy!

2001 was the beginning of inactivity and baby weight gain...bad habits were formed from necessary weight gain during pregnancy, I believe the term "graze" was used by my doctor. Since, the grazing has spiraled out of control.

Happy, treat yourself. Bored, hand to mouth. Sad, fill it with carbs. My unhealthy relationship with food has been strong and growing in the last 11 years. Activity levels decreased and a love of all things butter, fried, or salty increased.

No more!

My goal is to break the unhealthy cycle of cravings and add a normal level of activity to my daily routine. Losing weight in the process will be an added bonus; I'd like to fit into my size 7-9 "goal" jeans from 2001. Included in these goals will be:

1. Eat cleaner, better fuel - I am going to focus on proteins, raw veggies, and wholesome grains for carbs; while eliminating sugars, fats, and unhealthy oils and starches.

2. Add some form of daily cardio - treadmill walking/running and outdoor walking for starters.

3. Build up some muscle! - Add a strength circuit twice a week to tone up top and bottom.

4. Sleep!!! - Not so much the amount, but the times. It has been very difficult for me to get on a "regular" sleep routine because of my husbands work schedule. I'm going to try for a 9-5 approach or as close to it as possible. No naps!


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