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Josh Perry




Goodbye Card

Here's my sectional project piece, complete with me doing one of my infamous "George Dubya" faces that I've accidentally ruined many a wedding photo with...

I'm not super stoked on the end result of this one but rather have a question for any who feels like answering:

As I'm erasing pieces of hair and light (adding to the mask of pieces of me to cover up) I made a super small brush (2 px) to remove the unwanted parts that were creating a seemingly white line around me.  I then changed the hardness/softness to "airbrush" effect it because it felt like I was now painting harsh blue lines over me as the background fill color I made was a darker blue.  

My question is, what is the best way to really get rid of that outline of white around your subject?  Is it to "airbrush" the white away with a softer brush stroke and slowly color the light away??

Any feedback appreciated on the issue.


*The photo was also taken on a rather bright but overcast day at the beach, fyi so there was a lot of light to begin with.

"Goodbye Card" below.  I moved 3 weeks ago and it was such a whirlwind process that I didn't have time to say goodbye to a lot of people.

 Still not super stoked on the soft light around my arms.  Tried to brush it out best I could but this is the end result.  Any tips on getting rid of that kind of light appreciated!


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