GoodMeetings - student project is a service that provides all the materials you need to lead a staff/professional development session, including video lecturettes, readings, self-assessments and sample discussion questions. is the Shake and Bake for staff/professional development.

The Pitfalls

1. Is there any demand for this type of service? Everyone hates unproductive meetings and everyone needs good professional development--especially in this economy in which in-house training, travel  to professional conferences and other similar professional devleopment tools are facing budget cuts.

2. Is there an "ideal" price point? I'd like to keep it super reasonable so that even the small business person could use the content for their staff meetings. I also want to make enough money so that I could continue to create a high quality product.

3. How do I drive traffic? Who's going to find this website? How do I get it to the people who would actually use it ... those who have the authority or the pursestrings?