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Good ol' Warrior Blokes


I have had a fantasy-based setting/story rolling around in my head for a while now (gathering dust, I might add). So I wanted to explore some warrior/merc/bounty hunter fellows. I gave myself the restriction of them being male and armed in some fashion (be that with heavier or more roguish weapons). I considered the character's personalities as they would appear in the story, as well as their function and had a lot of fun being loose and creative with my strokes.

At the moment 3, 7, 10, 11 and 12 are my firm favourites, so I shall refine them. Not bad for a first try at this type of thing!


At the refining stage the anatomy was bugging me a whole lot, so I decided to fix it up considerably - also changed up the poses and positions of the weapons and clothing where it was needed, for the sake of flow and visibility. I went with a few more thumbs to refine than I originally intended, thanks to the feedback I reciecieved and ended up liking some of the figures suggested a lot more.
My current favourites are the whole bottom row. 1 is a really nice and dynamic pose, but it doesn't fit the other poses too well, so I may develop him by himself later - plus, I like the fact I can see the clothing more clearly with the less action based poses. They're solid poses where you can see the character fully without being too stiff and boring and allowing for their personalities to show through in more subtle ways.


I've decided to do variations on a few of the refined thumbnails (just because I feel like it) - however, for the sake of this project, I'll upload my variations on my first character right away.
I see his personality as being sprightly and enthusiastic, so I wanted to reflect that in his appearance and his fighting style (this is also an opportunity to make something different to the usual, big, burly warrior men). So, he is lithe and lightly clothed, preferring speed and stamina over hard-hitting attacks. His armour consists of mostly reinforced leather, as his goal is to not get hit by his opponent's blows in the first place. I also considered that he'd likely live in a warm and somewhat humid environment, so I ditched the fur trim on his cloak pretty quickly. In his bag he carries various poisons or perhaps even grenade type weapons for long-range attacks. 

I really like 4 and 5, but if I have to choose one, I'm going to refine 5 as he more closely resembles what I had in mind while thumbnailing him. 

Finishing Up

Even though there isn't a colour step, I did some colour variations on my chosen drawing from the last stage before painting him and working him into a finished character design. This class has been a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed it immensely. I hope everyone else has too :) Thank you to Charlie Bowater for her hard work and thank you to everyone else that provided me with feedback! 

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