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Good graphics are for the birds!

I've been running this brand since 2004, taking "good" artwork used for tattoos, bands and even exhibitions and slapping them onto Tshirts. This would work in world of pretty pictures, but if we as artists are going to convey message that provoke thought and change, then we don't only need "good" design. We also need meaningful design! Design that speaks and tells a message. I want to learn to be intentional with my Tee design... 

Rock Star Threads is a music, art and life inspired brand. The artwork is not depictive of anything specifically, but the style is a clean vector driven style with a lighter "vibe" undertone. I love re-hashing historic icons of tattoo art or rock 'n roll in my own style. We love bands and other brands, and love to sponsor a lot of bands as they hone their craft!

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1. What's my brand? - Rock Star Threads

Here are a few examples of what we've done already! 

2. Rouch Sketches

Ok so now for the next step... put a few sketches together for a Tshirt concept for my favorite brand. Have to choose my own brand, Rock Star Threads. 

Sketch #1:

Beware, this is one of those busy designs! I don't mind busy though as long as it's executed properly and illustrated well. I plan to have a lot of line work with this one and plan to use 3/4 colours to make it pop nicely. 

Concept: The idea behind this one is "The rebirth of Rock 'n Roll." It is a hand growing out of the ground in a typcial rock on pose! The roots and the leaves and the bark will be an excellent texture and color combination, although quite time consuming. The clouds and the text will also contain specific illustration styles to create an epic "rock n roll landscape." What do you think?

Sketch #2:

This one I'm quite excited to illustrate. I've seen way too many skeletal systems on Tshirts and no matter how great they look, I've chosen to do an open face organ and digestive system! This illustration needs to be slick and smooth with a careful choice of colors to make it work. 

Concept: The RST icon forms part of the heart, suggesting that my brand is the heartbeat of everything else important! haha... I know, it sounded good when I thought it, but once I typed it... it sounded cheesey! Would definitely work as a Tshirt graphic though. The veins form the words "Rock Star Threads" and pretty much the whole front of the shirt will be printed with a part of the body. 

Sketch #3:

Thought I'd do a classic type based design that is hand drawn possibly in 2 or 3 colors with tons of textures depicting rock n roll and other music related elements.  

Concept: Each letter depicts a different elent that is typically edgy and rock n roll. The S forming a doallar sign, the O with a classic rock lightning bolt in it, the K forming electric current, the T has stage lights on it, the A is an amp, the P has the RST logo in it and mic cable running along the ground forming the Threads part of the name. 

Will undoubtedly be a lot fun to illustrate. 

3. Vectorise

It's now time to start Vectorizing these puppies! 

Alright cool... so I've scanned in my designs and have started tracing and vectorizing one of them. Who else has anything done?! 

So here's my submission of my vectorized design. I am still not sure if this is the idea that I want to run with. I will most probably do all three of them at some stage, but here is option #3. I hope you like it! 

I did an option with loads of texture in the actual text, but for some reason that didn't fit the vibe. I preferred the smoother, slicker lettering for the words. 

Go on, crit the heck out of it!!

So this is what my final project will look like! Heres a link to my Tech pack!


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