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Good Vibes Nation

Good Vibes Nation

For my project, I'm going to pursue the development and launch of my own brand and clothing line. The mission is to create clothing that inspires a positive lifestyle through its image and branding, thus the "Good Vibes" mantra.


For the initial launch, the logo design will revolve around the usage of the letters "G" and "V" and some form of shield. The styling will be simple and minimalistic, composing of only one color and clean lines.


Minimal design and branding. The clothing is to be for the person wearing it - not for others - so no big logos or prints of the brand's name. The clothing is to inspire the wearer to live their life to the fullest, with the specific design and art on their clothing as a form of protection. A shield or traditional weaporny stylized to represent something greater than just physical power. The Good Vibes they put out and live their life by will be their protection, their source of power. The clothing will remind them of these principles.


I started out sketching ideas of the letters G and V working together, and then started trying to incorporate some form of shield.

I looked up some reference photoes of traditional Filipino weaponry and shields, and eventually ended up with this as the first logo rendition.


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