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Good Things Come in Small Packages.

In the spirit of the holiday season I chose the pharase, "Good things come in small packages." 

Here is my word Storm. Perhaps I could have done more but once I wrote the word tamale I was just too excited and had to get right to it. (notice I wrote tamale twice)

Below is my mood board to inspire my design.

Okay Here is my lettering warm ups at least the more developed ones. I decided to spare you all the many sheets that are over cluttered with expiremental lettering. 

I really appreciate the explanation on how to do decorative lettering. I was having a really hard time with the lettering warm ups until the video on understanding lettering. And then It was one of those moments when you're like, oh....duh!?

Apologies for my gestural thumbnails. (this is something I defintely need to work on.) They make sense to me, I hope they make sense to you too.

I decided to go with something along the lines of the 2nd row last thumbnail. Here is my first draft.

Okay, looking at this with a critical eye, I think I want to put more emphasis on the tamales. The word "packages" seems overwhelming. The bottom is clearly crowded cause adding the banner and more text was an afterthought. What do you think?

Okay so here it is my rework and final ink.

I changed a bit more before the final ink. And although I did the final ink I would still appreciate any feedback you have. (ps. I intend on fixing the overlap on the banner in illustrator.) Thanks!

I know my colorscheme and  

Okay Here it is in color! 

* So apparently I jumped ahead in adding color. I didn't even realize that their is another skill share class that would help me finalize this project.


So off now to enroll in "Finalize your favorite hand-lettered quote, title or phrase."

new versions of this project to come.*


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