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Cassi Gallagher

Developer / Design + Illustration Nerd



Good People Drink Good Beer

First Update

When I started this project, I knew I kind of wanted to do something with beer. I love the look of really well desgined beer labels and that sparked my first inspiration.

My friend pointed out a quote from Hunter S. Thomspon: 

“There Is An Ancient Celtic Axiom That Says ‘Good People Drink Good Beer.’ Which Is True, Then As Now. Just Look Around You In Any Public Barroom And You Will Quickly See: Bad People Drinking Bad Beer. Think About It.” 

Which was great. It's a little long, so I'm just gonna do Good People Drink Good Beer. :)

For my inspiration I tried to think of all the times I felt most like I was with good people drinking good beer, and a lot of it is out car camping with friends - so I went with kind of of northwest angle as well. So for my mood board I went with a lot of local beers I liked and the look of the northwest. (More can be found here)

Warm-Up Sketches 

For my warm up I thought I'd keep the theme pretty simple and stick to a beer wheat/grain theme with each of my styles. 


Whew! A new job certainly puts a crimp in getting side projects done. I was thinking about this project, and I was thinking while even though I love craft beer - that angle just wasn't giving me something visual I liked. A commenter mentioned the black letter and I began to think about going to Oktoberfest with friends and how every year on my birthday my friends and I share the boot of beer. Those are fun times I enjoy with good people that always seem to have to do with german beer. So I decided to go with more of a German theme. 

I created a new inspiration board and mimicked my thumbnails after old german beer labels. 

Large Sketch And More Thumbnails

After taking a look through my thumbnails I drew up a larger version of one of them. Taking a look at some feedback however, the words did seem off so I drew up a few more thumbnails. 

Taking a look a the new thumbnails I drew up a second version:

Let me know what you think! Any feedback is welcome. 

Final Sketch

Airplanes are an amazing place to think. I was reviewing my drawing above while on a flight back from New York and I started thinking it didn't feel as tight as I would have liked. So instead of completely replicating the label look, I took a step back and used element of the label look to come up with a new design I'm much more pleased with. 

Let me know what you think and I'm excited to see all these projects take the next step in the next class!


For the next class and from some advice below I wanted to give the words a little more breathing room as well as make the words pop out more, so I shrunk down the center circle:


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