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Molly Mae O'Halloran

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Good 'Ol Crayola

So, I'm still super new to watercolors and my boyfriend had gotten me a set of pencils, and it included water color pencils, and brushes. I decided to try them out and loved it, so I went out and got myself a crayola watercolor set to test. I have taken a few watercolor classes on Skillshare now, and I'm absolutely in love, so I've already ordered my real paints.

Color References

I personally really like the way these react with the water, and it was fun to see how exactly the pigment flowed from one side to the other. Considering that this set is meant for children, they work really well!


(I didn't do the color chart, don't hate me! I'm waiting for my 'professional' paints to arrive!)

Color Mixing 101

I almost didn't do this, because I thought "Meh, I know what colors make what. It'll be fine." Boy, was I glad I did. I loved the colors I could create. I am a little more partial to cooler colors, and blues and greens, and ugh everything is so pretty, even when it's not. I noticed that the paint got a waxy texture if I picked up too much pigment with my brush and didn't add more water. (You can see it up in the purple and pink on the top right.)



I changed it up a bit, please forgive me! Like I said, I love blues and greens, so I started with that. But the wash turned out too muted, and didn't blend the way I wanted it to. (That's the lighter green underneath.) So I went back around with a purple, lime green color, and the teal I first made for the wash. And now I love it. It reminds me of Monet's waterlillies, but more kaliedescope-y.



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