Good Night - Lettering exploration | Skillshare Projects

Tochi Galdiano

Graphic designer + illustrator



Good Night - Lettering exploration

My frase is from a poem that appears in my favourite movie, Interstellar.

"Don't go gentle into that good night, 
rage, rage against the dying of the light."

On one hand, this brings back a lot of memories from the movie itself, while also having some different elements.

So, here's my moodboard, my list of related words and my lettering warm up.



After I decided what type of letterforms I wanted to use, I explored some composition possibilities.


I took two of these thumbnails and drew two big sketches. I decided I was gonna explore both concepts: 

  • Gentle (galaxies, nebulas, lighter colours).
  • Space Travel (vintage, bolder, darker colours).


I didn't worry about how clean they looked, because I was going to trace them onto tracing paper. I ended up having to trace them in layers, using two layers per composition.


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