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Alex Nassour

Art Director at 72andSunny



Good News Only Zone Inc.


This is what I've got so far! I've essentially finished all the materials in the course. But I am still not done working. The 'w' needs to be sized correctly and the texture on the scripts could use some smoothing. 


The idea for this project was was born in the midst of a crazy challenging design storm where I work. My team was pushed to the limits of our abilities and from this pressure we dubbed our office the Good News Only Zone. Now that the craziness has settled, it is time to brand this wonderful place. So, I have set out to explore ways in which the Good News Only Zone can look great. 


My goal is to make it feel light and happy. I'd love for it to look nice as a poster.


Here are some preliminary sketches / lock-up exploration

At this point I realized that the two letter 'O's in the word good create a face if you underline them. 

I am still in the skteching process playing with ideas, any suggestions or favorites ?


It was intelligently pointed out that it would make more sense to treat the "Good News Only" portion of the phrase with the same type style. Here are some new sketches with this in mind. 

Script / Other Styles 

Kinda, diggin these:

Beginning Stages of Digitizing Sketch

So far this is very basic single-width outlines. I'm still grappling with letter position, size, and curvature. 

The diagonal angles are also not consistent yet. 

Update Feb. 4

I have finally moved out of the single-width stroke phase. I'm starting small with the word Zone. Here is what I have so far. I'm still struggling with how to handle the thicks and thins and where to put weight. The letter N is still tough to handle.

Also, here is a slight reshuffling of the letters. I prefer the one on the right because the letter O in the word only matches the size of the others. 

Also, I kinda like removing the top part of the Cap. G.


Still playing with weight! Progress is slow but steady. Having a 50 hour work week + class can be tough :)

I am starting over on the "zone" script. Also, here is the "The" script:

Can't wait to finish this; its been super fun! 



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