Good Morning Durban

Good Morning Durban - student project

For a few mornings last week I went walking around Durban, taking these videos using Hyperlapse. I met some really cool people, had a bunch of nurses blow me kisses, got told that I was risking my life walking around with my iPhone, and generally loved every bit of it. Durban is this amazing city full of different cultures, that even residents aren't aware of or accsutomed to. I set out to film some of that otherness.

There are these beautiful buildings, markets and arcades, with all kinds of people walking around, selling stuff, greeting each other, getting in and out of minibus taxis. It was a boost for my soul.

Once I had footage, and had recorded the sounds of a guys hustling people into his taxi, with trafic and hooting in the background, as well as the sound of the traffic light telling blind people that it's safe to walk, I put it all together and edited it to make it a super-fast flim of Durban in the morning.

I ended up with this Instagram video:
I also made a slightly longer version, and made some music to go along with it:

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