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Lillian Wight

Lettering, typography, watercolor, illustration



Good Morning, Bitchy-Pants

My boyfriend teases me in a unique way, and I frequently hear this particular and surprisingly cheerful greeting on the weekends. It's usually followed by, "Where's my coffee?" or "Where's my breakfast?".

Yeah, he's a turd. :P

I worked on this for an inordinate amount of time, but I have no regrets. I could have kept working on it - I think I should add a watercolor background to take away the white space, for one thing - but I've decided to respect my beginner status and leave well enough alone.

My process began with Deliberate Practice. As Andrea taught in the class, I began by tracing a pageful of each of the letters I'd be using. I chose to emulate Good Vibes and Times Roman, both of which I could print easily from Microsoft Word. After tracing, I drew each letter until I felt I had a sense of its shape and structure. Sometimes that happened quickly, sometimes I had to draw many times. Here's how it went for the capital G:


Once I'd done the practice for each of the 18 letters, I practiced layout, sizing and coloring. Here's just one of the three experiments I did:


This next image represents what I thought was going to be the final version, but two things happened: I didn't like how much horizontal space was in play, and I had a happy accident when I began coloring the "Y". The effect I got from that simple line produced the exact spirit I was looking for in the word.


I redid it, adding embellishments that I first tested on tracing paper:


And that's an abbreviated version of the story behind my first submission! I am really looking forward to feedback, so please don't hold back.



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