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Kelly Breemer

Illustrator, animator



Good Love Is On The Way

Hey everybody!! :)

I really liked this Skillshare class, great job Andrea!

First, a lot of practicing, especially with my new ink brush pen! Its so much fun!!


What also really helped me was to repeat letters Andrea was writing in her video to get more of the "feeling". So here are some copied words ;-)


Practicing some more! Drawing random words.


Then finally, picking a fraise. I was listening to the song Good Love Is On The Way (by John Mayer) and I figured thats such a nice title! So I chose that one.

But while sketching, I realised that Andrea's project also had the words Good and Love in it haha! I didn't want to copy her words, so I switched the styles of the words.


I'm sure I'll be practicing a LOT more so I'll update this project later with some new quotes! :-)

Its only been a few hours after making this fraise and I already feel like I could do better if I practice some more haha so expect to see more quotes from me soon! :-)


I made a better version after lots of practice with my brush pen! :)


This is the final sentence! I photoshopped into a photo frame just for fun. I'll print it out later and make an actual photo ;-)



Playing with some colors!

Its nice to see that practicing pays off. Im not finished yet but I do feel like its getting "easier" than when I just started! Thanks Andrea for the class!


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