Good Habits



Easy Goal: Any sort of consistent exercise. Preferably something more intense than the little daily exercise i'm doing now (2 declined pushups and 4 bench dips, all done using my chair and computer desk and still much better than nothing).

Significant Effort Goal: Finish the basic level of 'You Are Your Own Gym'. I've started a few times (and even once made it all the way to Week 10) but have never quite finished. I think it's the rest days which throw me off, i understand the purpose of them but once i take one it's just too easy to justify taking the next day off… and then the next… So while i'm developing the habit of consistent exercise i'm also going to be working out something i can do on 'rest days' which is some sort of exercise to keep the habit going but still light enough to let my body recover.

Bonus Super-Goal: Develop eating habits consistent with Natural Transitioning. I'm usually much better at sticking to exercise goals than dietary goals but i went vegetarian a few months ago easily enough, so i'll give NT another go.


Right now the main sticking point of my daily exercise is it's so straightforward i start doing it as part of my morning routine before i even take the time to think of an excuse not to do it. YAYOG is different frequently enough i need to actually stop and think about what i'm doing, so i'm going to try to make it so i'm already in the mindset of thinking about exercise before i have a chance to think about slacking off.
- Make a list of the most common YAYOG exercises and adjust my little daily routine to include them. Ultimately every day of YAYOG should include at least one exercise which is part of the daily routine, preferably the first exercise on schedule.
- Get in the habit of checking the YAYOG schedule the night before.
- On 'rest' days, do my daily routine anyway, just to keep the habit going (maybe make some adjustments to it so it's a little more 'resting' but considering the last time i seriously attempted YAYOG was when my job required lots of squatting and heavy lifting, i think i can handle a light workout.)
- On workout days, do my daily routine up until whatever exercise is actually included in the YAYOG schedule for the day and then switch to the normal YAYOG schedule.

- Re-read the Natural Transitioning guide and the recent Art of Manliness article on T production, taking notes on what's necessary for NT eating.
- Make a list of meals/snacks i can make up quickly (e.g. green smoothies are sold by the half-gallon at my grocery store, and if i have a little extra time i can make some out of a better blend of veggies). Adjust grocery list as necessary.
- Start tracking what i eat again? It would make it easier for me to tell precisely whether i'm getting enough protein/vitamins/etc. but it also makes it harder for me to keep the habit up. Maybe get the general habit of eating right first, then start tracking the bigger meals to confirm everything is more or less right.