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Good Egg

I am thankful to stumble upon this class. I have been trying to teach myself Illustrator through other courses on Skillshare, and this one has been the most fun for me.

I haven't done much lettering in the past besides graffiting every school book that I have ever owned. I started with the words 'Good Egg' which is just a compliment my wife and I have been giving each other lately, You're A Good Egg

Here I am trying to find something I like, and I experimented with thickening the letters like in the course video

By far the thing I had most trouble with was building the paths with the pen tool in Illustrator. But it was good practice for someone just starting out. The part in particular I struggled with were the thin lines. First I was making a path on both sides of the line (making them shapes) but I had trouble making the lines look clean, so I ended up making them as a Stroke path and expanding them to a shape. (Does any one have any tips for that part of the process?)

Choosing a colour palette...

The final product. Not perfect, but way better than I imagined I would be able to do

(The final bit of texturing on this image I did in photoshop)


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