Good, Better, BEST!!!

I'm super excited about this course!!!  I am a musician and multimedia specialist and in my profession I have to retain soooo much information, but have challenges in a few areas. I have developed my goals for this course to address each of the issues below.

Memory Barriers

  • I tend to forget names of people within seconds after they tell me when I meet them. 
  • I draw blanks on the words I'm looking for in the middle of a conversation and even when typing emails or online posts.  This also happens in public speaking scenarios, even when I know the subject matter I'm talking about.

Memory Goals

  • By July 31, 2015 I will have significantly improved memory and retention to overcome the barriers listed above.
  • By July 31, 2015 I will have improved my study habits and increase overall comprehension of subject matter which will directly impact public speaking opportunities and regain confidence in that area.

Reading Barriers

  • I've taken an online reading and comprehension test and my reading speed is a little below average (161.5 avg.), although my immediate comprehension is over 80%.  However my concern with the comprehension is recalling the information over time (memory).
  • I have found a new interest in reading over the past couple of years and have many books on my list to read, but it takes so long to read one.
  • My mind easily wanders while reading to where I have to re-read much of the content.

Reading Goals

  • By September 30, 2015 I will have increased reading speed to at least 700wpm, while keeping immediate comprehension above 85%.
  • By September 30, 2015 I will have significantly increased my level of focus while reading so I can avoid having to re-read or affect my reading speed and comprehension.

While these are my initial goals, I plan to reach these and even make and achieve more as the course goes on.  I'm a believer in life long learning and I feel that this course will help me continue to exercise my brain!

Good, better, best... never let it rest until your good is better and your better is BEST!!!


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