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Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

I was choosing between two of my favorite books: Gone With The Wind and The Help. I decided to take Gone With The Wind. And my drop cap is M (Margaret Mitchell). I imagined the dark cover right away.

My brainstorm (on russian)

Here is what came to my mind: war, fire, death, smoke, fog, fear, wind, magnolia, crinoline, weapons, yankees, scarlett, cruelty, power, money, mansion, red roses, blood, plantation, cotton, green hat, black mourning veil


I came up with three design ideas.

1. Just a neat letter M and white magnolia flowers.


2. Calligraphy letter M on fire

3. The letter M is made of knifes and red roses

For the first time I decided to pick simpliest design, the first one.

This is evolution of my letter M:

I decided to remove magnolia flowers and replace them with wind. I hope my wind doesn't look like dirty hair or spaghetti :-))

This is final cover.


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