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Gone Exploring

We had quite a bit of snow here in northeast Tennessee, so naturally I was eager to capture it.  This first photo is from last week.  My brother and I took a walk through some old woods which we had not visited in several years, tried and failed to start a fire, smoked our pipes, and went home. 


It reminded me of something of dream, standing in a valley in the woods we used to explore as children, so I didn't edit it much.  It sounds funny, but this photo reminds me of the song "My Tears Are Becoming A Sea" by M83.  I'm not entirely sure why, but I think they compliment each other.

The next two photos were taken today.  The roads are finaly clear, so I was able to go hike at Doe River Gorge.  It's a beautiful spot, and the remains of the old Tweetsie Railroad run right alongside of the river.


This is one of the trestle bridges that crosses over the river.  There's a cable underneath allowing people to cross with a harness, but I didn't have the equipment.  Although going over top of the bridge is managable, the ice and snow dismissed any desire I had to attempt it.


Here's shot of the tracks, with the river hidden off to the left.  I really liked the "leading lines", as Joe put it.  I also liked how the two tall pines on either side of the track act as of sort of gateway or arch.  Unlike the others, this photo started off much to vibrant.  The trees here were a bright green, so I had to tone them down to a deeper color in order to better blend it with the other two pictures.

I liked the original photos pretty well, so I really didn't edit them much, which was seemingly the whole point of the project.  I did try to better match to color and vibrance to create more cohesion, but I did so sparingly.  I think these had a similar feel for me regardless.  It was more about peacefulness of the moment and the memory.  I really enjoyed this project, more than anything because it created the opportunity to connect with other photographers.  So thanks!

p.s. Joe, you should continue to teach classes like this.  It's pretty awesome.

p.p.s. Joe, I'm visiting Portland in July, and I'd love to meet you and Maddie!


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