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Hey guys!

I enrolled this class to see if I would finish a toy a started two years ago, and I sure gained enough inspiration to do!

I always liked to build stuff on my own, and one day I was looking at vinyl toys in the web and i really liked some collections I saw, the toys were amazing, diferent paint styles i was completly in love with it. The part i loved the most was having many toys of the same design with diferent colors, costumizations etc.

Here in Portugal not many stores have this kind of toys, and ordering overseas would turn out pretty expensive, so I decided to build my own toy! ;)

Here are some pictures for you guys to see. You can do your toys in small batchs for a relative small investment. Hope this inspires you all to go and make your own! 

Resin all the way! :)

Some sketches I made, very much inspired by the Dunny, Munny series.

Polymer Clay Sculpting

Lots of baking and sanding! :D

Trying to get the final design this time!

I was really happy with this result! Alot of baking, sanding was involved! Now making the silicone mold! 

Here I had already poured silicone on the first half, but forgot to take pictures i did that part alone!

In this photo you can see i "painted" a layer of petroleum jelly to the silicone (only), because i will pour silicone again on this part of the mold, and silicone only sticks to silicone so i needed to create a layer so it wont stick together.

 Built a wall of legos to contain the silicone and poured it! (similiar to the first part mold)

Boubles of Air coming out! :)This is what it i was left with! ;)

Mixed the resin (two parts!) and joined the silicone partes together with rubber bands! 

Poured the resin on the spouts! (resin took nearly 2 minutes to 'dry' after mixed, so i needed to be quick)

Let it dry over night (12h)


The master! and the first to resin casts.

The master and more casts! :) At this point, the master already lost an ear! (fell of my hands bahh)

Some packaged I made! simple cubes.

Here is the final content! :) Some stickers and a pin.

I made 8 for my first batch! and i though of selling them away.. but after a few hours I just gave them away to close friends! ehehe.. 

Modifying some casts! :)

Hope you all feel inspired to start and make your own toys. The journey is long but its very rewarding once you finish! :)

Here it is the tutorial i followed by Tesselate (UK toy artist)



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