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Josh Aronoff

Web Designer



Golf Course CMS

I like to golf. But there's never really a good way to find a good course, that is within your price range for green fees and is in your area. Also golf course websites in general are atrocious.

I was thinking, creating a CMS or hosted solution (soup to nuts) for golf courses, that would allow them to track upcoming events, registration for golf events, scheduled tee times, green fees prices, golf course layout, history of the course, etc. and then they could update that. Give them quality templates, allow them to upload their logo, contact information, etc. and then be done with it.

Then, I'm thinking I could run a site that would be an aggregate for that data, like pricing, etc. and allow it to be searchable within that area. also, allow people on the second site to rate the courses, and then have those integrated as well..... maybe like a trip advisor but specifically for golf.

That's it. I just came up with this idea today so I dont know if it's feasible or if there's really a need for it.


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