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Dan Gottlieb

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Goldie & Stan, White People's Awkwardness, F***in Shoes

In considering this creative writing project, the first place to start is my big idea - the adventures of Goldie and Stan. Goldie is a fish that only has the highest standards for himself, and for the others around him. He wears top hats, canes, and represents a combination of Nemo and none other than Jay Gatsby himself. His personality, however, is abrasive, enlightened, and a bit intolerant of unintelligence. He has trouble laughing sometimes and takes himself far too seriously. Luckily he has a friend named Stan who makes him laugh. 

Stan, his human friend, is a younger brown boy who Goldie has taken a bit of a liking too. Stan and Goldie can coexist and communicate in a purgatorical setting that lets anything go - imagine a white background with only the details that matter as part of the story. Stan is observant and his intelligence lies in his ability to get people to like him, and adapt to any social setting accordingly. His problem is he spends so much time focusing on making other people happy and playing chameleon that he tends to forget his personal roots and loses touch with who he is - except Goldie. Goldie knows him and spends his time trying to help Stan better understand how to view the world.

In this story, Stan sees a couple walking down the street and is intrigued by their elitist behavior. Goldie is going to try and educate Stan on the topic, and an argument will ensue. 


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