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Pat Quinn

Graphic Designer




I'm a designer and music producer. I've always been intrigued by the dicotomy of the city and beach. I grew up surfing and skatin near the beach but spent most of my time living in Philadelphia and am obsessed with hip hop. I love the juxtapozition of the East and West Coasts, mixing the gritiness of the city with what I see as a looser vibe of California. I grew to have a huge interest in the Hieroglyphics Crew out of Oakland. They seemed like a West Coast version of the Native Tongues, and I loved how they kept independent and cultivated their own scene, similar to the Grateful Dead. They both originated in the Bay Area and were able to build a sustainable business, turing and keeping much of their operation in-house.

I think they have similar stories and represent an ethos of DIY culture. For my project, I'll be using my skills as a designer and producer to merge the visual and audio aesthetics of bothe crews, using samples of the Greatefir Dead and vocal chops and acapellas of the Hiero Crew to craft a mixtape. I'll also create a zine to accomany the tape, meshing the aesthetic of the Dead's concert posters and art with the personalty and lyrics of Hiero. I'll be releasing this digitally but will also have physical copies on my website, I'll continue to post tracks and pictures as I go through the process.


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